No, no -- I prefer the elegant cool of autumn. A hint of chill in the air. Cute outfits that include coats. Halloween. Temperatures the human body can survive comfortably in. Nuts, I know.

But I am nothing if not stylish in any temperature, so I’ve managed to muddle through this sauna of a season by adhering to a little something I like to call Rules for a Glam Girl Summer (the working title was Noor’s List of Important Things to Keep You Sane Through Summer, Even If You Prefer the Moody Vibes of Autumn, but it felt a bit wordy). Without further ado!

  1. A Fun Manicure is integral to a glamorous summer! It’s low commitment but high payoff: a cool design or bright color will add visual pop to any outfit (even a basic black sundress) and will give you a bit of easy joy. I’m really digging this trio of peppy pastels by Essie: Saltwater Happy (a calming light blue), Lilacism (a stunning lilac) and Beauty Nap (a soft sage).
  2. Birkenstocks are actually an all-year fave for me (I want them in every color!!) -- they’re cute, comfortable and go with literally everything. Going to lunch? Yes. Going for a walk? Fine. Black tie ball? Pourquoi pas?
  3. Staying hydrated. Sure, it’s not always fun to drink a million glasses of water, but do you know what is fun? Your skin looking nice. Your body running as it should. Not feeling thirsty! Try rotating different fruit to spice up a plain ol’ glass of water. Yeah, lemon is great, but what about a peach? (Actually, probably just stick with the lemon.)
  4. Podcasts. Give them all to me. Something about hot summer days that go on for eternity make me want to learn, but only in 45-minute increments. It’s like a school that you get to curate based solely on your interests. My current rotation includes: How I Built This with Guy Raz, Huberman Lab, Under the Skin, The Goodness Podcast, The Mind Your Business Podcast and Super Soul.
  5. Jewelry! You can’t have a Glam Girl Summer without the key ingredient! (Gold, obvs.) Did you know that your blood vessels expand in the summer to send more blood around your body in an attempt to help it stay cool? That’s where the curse of the swollen summer fingers comes from. I’m all for wearing rings in the summer, but smoother comfortable shapes in slightly larger sizes. My body’s gonna do its thing and I just have to accommodate it.

Luckily, open-neck shirts and dresses + warmer temperatures = the perfect way to display your summer necklace stack. Start with a choker, like the Troika, Infinity or Eternity and add a longer chain with an interesting link, like the Paperclip Necklace.

We’re all wearing our hair up so if you've been thinking about multiple piercings, now is the time. The Turquoise Claw adds a pop of summer color and complements the subtle sparkle of the Diamond Luz U-Huggies.

There you have it! The recipe for the perfect Glam Girl summer so you’ll sparkle inside and out.

(And only about 50 days until autumn!!)

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