“Three has always been my favorite number.
It represents body, soul and spirit – where I yearn to find balance; heaven, earth and the waters – the most beautiful things; wholeness, completion and perfection – things I’ve aspired to achieve. Reflecting on my own personal journey, I realize that I only truly appreciated all those threes when I learnt to let go and march to the beat of my own drum. Like spring, I was rejuvenated, and only then did I feel liberated, free-spirited and whole.
Today, the Troika collection is born.”


The Troika collection is crafted from 18-karat gold mixed with the brilliance of diamonds and the luster of pearls. The geometric repetition reappears in this collection while introducing the softness and elegance of pearls and diamonds – it is soft yet playful, organic but balanced; thus complementing the free-spirited, the wanderer and the imaginative. The collection is easily stackable and is perfect for everyday.

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