I’d been thinking a lot about words and the power they hold. Nicknames. Code words. Sentimental remembrances. A beloved pet. A favorite flower. An inside joke.

With the right intent, any word can be a sort of incantation. A spell cast to conjure a memory, a place, a laugh. There’s a long history of jewelry adorned with words to invoke a time and place: from the names of a bride and groom on the inside of a wedding band, to a child’s pet name on a brooch, to the secret phrases inscribed on a locket that once meant so much and are now a mystery. A baby’s first bracelet.

And every piece of jewelry tells a little story: Who made it? Who gave it? Why is the person wearing it? There’s a tale to be unraveled from the simplest ring to the most intricate necklace. More than anything else, that’s been an inspiration for my designs – thinking about the people who will wear them and why. 

Today, I’m releasing a new capsule collection that is all about words and the magic they hold: the loving endearment, the silly name, the curse word that feels the best to mutter when something goes awry. Even your blood type! 

This was an idea born of my relationship with my daughter, Salma. She turned 13 this June, and she's one of the most inspiring girls I know. She’s been making word bead bracelets for herself and her friends for the past few years, and frankly, I thought they looked incredible. After she made me my first one, I had her make a few more (and I never take them off). They soon became a way to share secrets or proclaim a message to the world —a way for us to stay connected. Plus, they just looked so cool. 

To that end, I’m very delighted to announce Jeu de mots, a line of completely customizable beaded word bracelets made in fine metals! 

I fell in love with the idea of creating a sophisticated version that still retained the effortlessness of the bracelets Salma made, but elevated them a bit. After a couple of initial designs, I struck gold (literally) with a version crafted in lush, glowing precious metals. Each bracelet can be made with sterling silver or 18k gold hand-crafted letter or number beads that can be combined to create any word or message. There’s an option to include luscious pearl beads to adorn either side. They look incredible stacked or alone, and go with any fashion: The style is your choice. The word is your choice.

Re the name… well, there’s nothing more chic than the French (sorry, I don’t make the rules!). It translates to “play on words” and means most literally just that “playing with words” but it’s also a pun. I loved the layers of the phrase, and the way it sounded itself like a kind of invocation.The words you know, the words in play, the words with many meanings, the words that connect us all. 

I’m so excited to see what words you choose.

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