The Suad collection, a tribute, introduces exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces inherited through generations. Each piece reflects a touch of the past and offers a glimpse into the future, lending an enduring quality that will last through the decades. This marks the first collection to introduce three bold colors in hand-picked gemstones —carnelian, lapis, and tourmaline. Interwoven into bold geometric shapes, the distinct styles represent fearless statements that carry the heart and soul of the bearer.

I draw a breath,
Beyond your last sigh.
And navigate the lines in my palms,
Like a map leading to pathways, etched in yours.

I lay under the shade of your lashes,
And pray it grants me a glimpse through your eyes. 
The life you lived, and the life you wished for. 

I mistake your face for mine,
That knowing twinkle in your eye, 
A reflection of my own.

I tap the surface, For a ripple to transfigure my features,
And I may see you again.

I recognize you in the brilliant warm hues
the sun splatters the sky as it says its goodnight.

It’s never gone, though,
The sun,
It’s on the other side,
Waiting for its return,
Like you.

We’ve never met,
But I recognize you.

I inherit you.

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