So: a signet, to be worn on my pinky. Signets traditionally bear a family’s crest, which is a composite of symbolic images, sometimes with a written motto (usually in Latin). You know, the kind of fancy-pants thing that royalty and noblemen were into back in the day. However, like basically 95% of the world in the 20th century, I didn’t have a family crest.

Not a problem, I thought. I’ll just design my own.

Here’s the thing about jewelry: It speaks. It speaks for you, and about you. It’s a language that communicates with the rest of the world.

What did I want this piece of jewelry to say for me? To say about me?

I began with the water.

I’ve always been drawn to water. When I was a child at the beach or pool, the day would pass by in what felt like seconds. I wasn’t just Noor anymore -- I was a mermaid, a powerful creature of the ocean, exploring the world beneath the surface. And I don’t mean your typical Ariel, meek and naive, talking to any shellfish that comes along. I was a true daughter of Triton: a warrior mermaid with a spear in my hand, long hair unfurling around me. I carry this feeling with me always. It’s part of my strength.

And so I designed my warrior mermaid. She holds Triton’s spear and a shield adorned with olive leaves. Enter with peace, but hold your ground. Plus, I’m an Aries baby, so you know I’ve got to include the God of War in there somewhere!

Since she is an avatar for me, my golden warrior is, of course, well-accessorized with a stylish-as-hell shell brassiere (probably Gucci), and a sunflower crown and earrings. Strength and beauty are not mutually exclusive, after all. The bright yellow halo of petals on the sunflower symbolizes light and truth.

Sitting at her feet, her faithful companion, the strong and proud lion (my knight in shining armor, or my cat Faye). The tails are intertwined, a symbol of unity and grounding. My lion came into my life at a time when I was in flux, and seeking  helping me find my footing in that way that only certain creatures can, be they animal or human.

Once the design was completed, I worked closely with British jeweler Rebus, renowned for their hand-detailed signet rings. It’s a multi-month process for them to create a piece from start to finish, as they painstakingly carve every detail by hand. It’s an absolute art.

The ring arrived to impatient me a few months later and it never leaves my finger. It’s the crest of Noor, comprising the things I want the world to know about me: pride, strength, beauty, love, family.

I fell so in love with the process of creating this piece that it confirmed what I knew all along: I wanted to help other people achieve this feeling.

Jewelry is a language.

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