This year, I decided to collaborate with an incredible ceramicist, client and friend, Noor Kaddura (@glazed.with.love), on an exclusive line of trinket dishes, large enough to hold some perfect pieces of jewelry. (Hmm… wonder where you could get that from?)

I kept thinking how wonderful it was to work with another creative woman, and how fortunate I’ve been to feel a sense of support and rapport with so many women in my life.

This is a love letter.

To the women in my life who raised me and loved me unconditionally; who drove me crazy, who shaped me, who cared for me, who angered me, who knew me, who kept my secrets, who gave me advice, who held my hand, who brought me comfort food, who taught me.

This is a love letter.

To the creative women whose work I love and admire. To the beautiful women who wear my jewelry and make it their own. To the ambitious women who inspire me. To the strong women who lift me up. To the adventurous women. To the warrior women who are certain that things can be better for all of us, and risk everything to fight.

This is a love letter.

To my mother, my lion-hearted mother, who maintained an enviable grace and tenderness raising five girls, teaching us to be bold and independent and curious. My mother, my friend. She believes I am capable of anything, of everything. And because of her, I am.

To my sisters, the four of them objects of awe: whip-smart and beautiful. Life with them is buzzing and vibrant and full of impromptu dance parties. It’s loving and fighting and singing and eating and just being. It’s achieving goals, and creating, and supporting one another’s dreams. With them, life is an intoxicating experience.

To my daughter, head in the clouds, imagination at double speed. May you all have a romantic daydreamer in your life like my Salma, who, even at her young age, knows that the best things are found by wandering off the marked path.

To my clients, the women who give my jewelry purpose, so many of whom I now consider friends, sisters, and inspirations. We are a constellation of dreamers connected across the world by gold and gems.

To my fellow artists -- we all know the world can sometimes seem inhospitable to those looking to create something outside the norm, but your strength and perseverance motivate me.

To my friends, both the steady confidantes since youth and the more recent companions: tethered by our spirits, unaffected by time or distance. It’s as simple as a phone call, as hearing your hello on the other end. With you, I remember to breathe.

This is a love letter to my tribe.

The Limited Edition Noor x Noor inspiration plates are available exclusively with purchase of Noor Shamma jewelry.

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